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LED Lighting

10 Reasons to Consider LED Lighting

  1. Longer Life: LED bulbs and LED fixtures have an average hour life of up to 100,000 hours verses incandescent bulbs that average only 1,200 hours. At 12 hours per day, that equates to 22 years of maintenance-free operation. Plus, they don't burn out—LEDs only fade over time.
  2. Energy Efficiency: LED lighting is today's most efficient form of lighting—80-90% more energy efficient than conventional lighting. 
  3. Instant-On & Frequent Switching: Unlike compact fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs, LED lights reach 100% brightness once they're turned on. LEDs can also be switched on and off frequently without affecting the lifetime or light, which makes them ideal for use with motion sensors.
  4. Durability: LED lighting is sturdy and rugged enough to withstand shock, vibrations, and impacts. They are great for outdoor applications and can withstand wind, rain, and vandalism.
  5. Sustainability: One LED bulb can last as long as 25 incandescent bulbs, reducing waste. Plus, LEDs do not contain toxic chemicals like most conventional fluorescent bulbs.
  6. Variety of Sizes & Shapes: LEDs are available in most common bulb shapes. We offer LED versions of A-Shape, PAR (Halogen), BR (Reflector), MR16 (Halogen), Decorative, Linear Tubes, and HID bulbs—all create the same light output at a fraction of the wattage. Also, our LED fixtures are available in a variety of popular styles and finishes to match your decor.
  7. Ideal for Hard to Reach Applications: Because of their extremely long life, LEDs are ideal for integrated LED fixtures and floodlight fixtures that are installed up high. The savings in maintenance costs and exposure to safety hazard are a significant. 
  8. Ideal for Cold Weather Environments: Where fluorescent and HID bulbs may be negatively affected by lower temperatures, LEDs operate extremely well. In outdoor winter settings and freezer rooms, LEDs perform perfectly in cold temperatures.
  9. LEDs are Point Source: LEDs are directional, also referred to as "point source." This means that the light goes in the direction pointed and is one of the reasons LEDs are so efficient— 80-90% of the light generated actually makes it to its intended surface area.
  10. Total Cost of Ownership: The value of LEDs comes from their lower energy consumption and their long maintenance-free life. Operation costs are calculated using EPA methodology, which includes electricity costs, labor costs related to replacing shorter-life bulbs, and the cost of buying multiple replacement bulbs to match the life span of LEDs.
Why You Should Buy LED Fixtures
Save up to 91% in total cost of ownsership
Part #326933 LED 28W Floodlight
Fixture Type 300W Halogen LED
Fixture Purchase Price $26.00 $71.00
Initial Bulb Cost $0.00 $0.00
Bulbs Needed to Run 18
For 35,000 Hours
For 35,000 Hours
Replacement Bulb Cost $114.75 $0.00
Maintenance Cost $51.00 $0.00
Electricity Costs $1,365.00
35,000 Hours of Use
35,000 Hours of Use
Total Cost of Ownership $1,556.75 $198.40

†Savings are lifetime calculations using $0.12 per kWh electricity cost, the average hour life of each bulb, 9 minutes to change a bulb at $20 an hour (U.S. EPA), and the cost to purchase replacement bulbs.