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Nothing adds personality to your home like updating your lighting.  Perhaps you are looking to light up your outdoor space for security or entertaining. You can add a sleek modern touch touch to the interior while becoming more energy efficient, we have a lighting design that will work for you. 

Select Electric's skilled electricians can provide and install lights to fit your every need.  These are just a few of the most common lighting upgrades that are available for your home or business.

  • Traditional lighting fixtures - We can install everything from your new crystal chandelier, a pub lamp over your pool table or simply adding a light in your closet.  Traditional light fixtures are a great way to change up your decor and compliment your living space.
  • LED lighting - Energy efficient LED lighting is a great way to illuminate your interior and exterior while saving the enviornment and your budget.  LED lighting is available for a broad range of appliations for both your home or business.  From rope lights around your palm trees, to lighting up large parking lots, these fixtures have an average life span of over 25,000 hours while reducing energy use by more than 80 percent.
  • Recessed lighting - Low profile and recessed lighting provides a wide range of light with minimal visual interference.  Recessed lighting can be spaced and switched to provide multiple light options.  With a variety of sizes and trims, recessed lighting can be used to light up your workspace or the newest piece of art in your collection.
  • Outdoor lighting - With the proper exterior lighting your yard can be the envy of your neighbors.  The extra benefit of adding beauty to your yard and exterior is that it also increases safety.