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Maintenance Companies & Property Mgrs.

Select Electric has several accounts that we provide monthly maintenance to.  We know the requirements vary from company to company so our office staff is deligent in making sure your job and invoicing needs are met.

yes At Select Electric, you will always reach a live person.  Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. we have a fully staffed office.  Outside of those hours we give you the option to leave a message for our next business day or speak to a live operator.  The live operator will take your information and contact the "on call" electrician.  You will receive a call back with in 30 minutes.

yes Select Electric will communicate all costs with the job once we have evaluated the situation. 

yes  We always get your permission to proceed and make sure you are aware of what is involved to finish the job.

yes  Select Electric office staff and our electricians know the importance of communication electrical issues and the cost to fix these issues only with you.  Issues and their costs are never discussed with tenants.  If a tenant informs the electrician of an additional problem we were not originally sent out for, our electrician will notify you first before committing or doing any additional work.

yes  Because we work with many maintenance companies we see that each one has different requirements for invoicing, pricing, calling into an IVR system, etc.  Our office staff stays works with the electrician in the field to be sure he meets all of your requirements.

yes  Our office and our electricians maintain a professional appearance as well as provide top notch workmanship.

yes While many maintenance companies and property managers have handymen on site. Electrical is one of the things that should always be handled by an experienced professional.  Electrical isn't like plumbing.  In plumbing, if it works and doesn't leak, you are probably good to go.  With electrical, even a light fixture that works can be hiding a hazardous condition in the walls.