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Outlets & Switches

Select Electric stocks several different types and colors of outlets & switches on our trucks.  We also know all the locations to install a GFCI outlet so that you can have more protection from an electrical hazard.

GFCI's are required by your local code and every jurisdication up to the National Electric Code.  GFCI's have a proven track record to minimize risk with outlets located in unsafe or accident prone areas of your home or business.  These special outlets are required by pools, garges, kitchens, bathrooms, near spas and in some outdoor areas.   A GFCI or  Ground Fault Circtui Interrupter detects that current in an appliance is no longer flowing in a proper circuit.  The GFCI shuts off the current within milliseconds.  There are many causes that a circuit may not be working correctly and if you mix this with nearby water, you have a deadly combination.  A GFCI also called a GFI looks different from your average outlet.  The have 2 buttons labled "test" and "reset".  GFI's have a limited lifespan so test your GFI regularly or have a Select Electric electrician test them on your next service call.  You should also make sure that you have a GFCI or GFI in all the required areas.   GFI's save lives and is an inexpensive way to protect your family.

Select Electric also has standard as well as Decora outlets on every truck.  We stock white and ivory but can give you a good variety of colors and materials to choose from.

For Commercial or industrial applications, we carry commercial grade and hospital grade outlets and switches.