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Panel Changes & Upgrades

The two main reasons to upgrade your electrical service panel are if it's too small or if it's unsafe.  Today's electrical panels are well designed and safe.  Electrical panels installed even twenty years ago can now be undersized for today's electrical needs or even outdated to the point of being a safety hazard.  By replacing or upgrading your home or business electrical panel you can have piece of mind that your electrical system is up to date to provide you with proper power and safety.

Any time you add a major electrical appliance such as an airconditioner or hot tub, your home might not have enough power to handle this additional electrical load.  Another sign that your panel is too small is if you are constantly flipping circuit breakers because of too much electrical demand. 

Several of the electrical panels manufactured in the 70's and 80's were of inferior quality and present significant fire dangers.  Zinsco and Federal Pacific brand panels are prone to fires because of poor design and manufacturing flaws.  Older fuse boxes also present a health and safety hazard and should be replaced with circuit breakers.  Fuse boxes were designed to work when a typical electrial load for the house was 30-60 amps and some of todays appliances draw 100-200 amps alone. 

If you aren't certain what type or size of electrical panel you have, one of our qualified electricians can assess your panel and let you know if he recommeds replacing or upgrading.