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Something to consider when updating and remodeling your home is having your wiring replaced.  Either a whole house rewire or a partial rewire can provide more power and help reduce the chance of an electrical fire.

According to the US Fire Administration, home electrical problems account for more than 67,000 fires and over $868 million in property losses.  Some indicators that you might be in need of a rewire are:

  • Structures wired with cloth insulated wiring.  Many homes built prior to the 1950's have cloth insulated wiring.  The cloth insulation will deteriorate over time and become a fire hazard.
  • Older homes tend to have insufficient power and too few outlets.  Overloading circuits and using extension cords to provide extra power are extremely hazardous and not NEC compliant. 
  • Ungrounded wiring systems lack a metal condutctor that routs electricity safely from the home to the ground.  Grounding provides greater safety from fire and helps eliminate the potential for electrical shocks.